Auto Glass Self-Installation Guide

Self-installation can be an excellent way to save money while adding value to your property, and it’s surprisingly easy as long as you go about it in the right way. Whether you’re an experienced contractor professional or just someone who enjoys taking on projects involving your own home (beginner).

Tips on doing Glass Installation at Home

1: measure the piece of glass you need and know the make, model, and year of your vehicle so that you purchase the correct replacement part.

2: If the rear view mirror is still in place on the old piece of windshield remove it at this time.

3: Remove the existing glass. Remove the old gasket that was holding the glass in place at this stage.

4: Carefully clean the area where the new glass is going to be installed. Clean the surface with a non-oily
cleaner to remove any old adhesive or gasket material.

5: With the help of a friend place the new gasket in position on the automobile.

6: Carefully place the piece of glass into the new gasket you have installed. Some gaskets are designed to be put on the glass before
installation, and some of them go on the car first. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to make certain you are placing the gasket on the proper part first.

7: Use the recommended adhesive to secure the new glass in place. Go all of the way around the windshield applying adhesive to form a strong water proof barrier.

8: After the adhesive has the proper amount of healing time use a sharp knife or razor blade to carefully remove any excess adhesive or caulking from around the windshield.

9: Install the rear view mirror on the interior of the car using approved adhesives.

In conclusion, be sure and dispose of the old window and gasket
material safely. It is best if you package this debris in a cardboard container
before you set it out for the garbage collectors to pick up.